I am so happy to finally share with you a playable version of one of my two digital narrative games!
I couldn’t quite decide between the two so I thought who would be better to help me make a decision than you guys. So as you know from my previous blog post that one of my games is about bullying but I actually changed things around from the last time I told you about. This version actually tackles different separate scenarios all related to bullying of course where the person witnessing the act of bullying gets to decide which action to take according to each scenario. I will be also adding more girls related scenarios but I only added one for this version. Another alteration to this version, is that I thought it would be fun to add two questions that tests each individual’s bullying knowledge and he/she can know what they scored in the end. I also added some ideas about the possible things people can do about bullying and statistics.

The questions that are related to bullying

As for the second game, it aims to shed a light on the dilemmas and gives a snippet of what a striving family who lives in the outskirts of Egypt face everyday and you get to choose whether you fight or surrender to the odds. In fact that is what I named it (fight or surrender to the odds). To be honest, I am not quite sure about the name so I would love if you would help me with that too. I created this game based on what I hear my house help talk about and the dilemmas and the obstacles they have to face that makes them in my eyes not only determined people but also extremely strong.
If you are interested to give my game a go click HERE !

Hope you like it and like always let me know what you think (fingers crossed)


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Since the title of the blog doesn't say much so I thought of giving you an idea about what my blog is all about. Since I am currently a student at The American University in Cairo, my blog is a platform to reflect on academic,miscellaneous and compelling topics that will hopefully offer my readers different and interesting view points regarding various subjects and/or readings. Hope my posts aren't to heavy for you to read and looking forward to hear your feedback!

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  1. hi Nour – good first attempt, but I found the scenarios (in the playable game) confusing. First, I’m unsure if I am male or female, since there is an option of helping out my father as a mechanic and I don’t know if there are female mechanics in Egypt? Also, from previous posts you wrote about your household help, I thought you were talking about a female and her struggles with her husband and such, but this one looks to be about a person who isn’t yet married and is quite young… so I don’t know. I also felt some of the scenarios led to unrealistic quick ends … and you need to spend a bit more time going with the flow of a scenario rather than end it abruptly (this might be a problem with your linking, rather than missing scenarios).


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